Why use Talk2Talk?

Well we believe that we can give you the best value for paid phone calls, which will drastically reduce your bills and save you money. We try as hard as possible to give you the right balance between quality and price and think we do a real good job of it…and our app is amazing 🙂

I'm happy with my current provider, why should I use Talk2Talk?

Talk2Talk has an automatic routing engine that analyzes the calls that you make and always tries to find the cheapest possible options for you. Talk2Talk can guarantee a rate lower than any reasonable offer out there. We try hard to get the balance correct between rates and quality and we promise you rates that are upto 40% cheaper than any existing provider out there. Try the app for free, if you don’t like it you can always go back… we believe once you try Talk2Talk you will say no-no to your previous service provider.

What is the Talk2talk Termin-RATER technology?

Talk2talk rates works on a complex algorithm that maintains a clear transparent margin for Talk2talk to operate. The system constantly analyzes wholesale rates provided by carriers, your calling patterns and margins on other calls and auto adjusts rates to benefit users. If our system decides that there was a couple of percent more margins on calls made yesterday, then overall rates for all destinations come down the next day. In simple words the system passes on excess profits by lowering the rates for users.

Do Talk2Talk calls need data?

Yes and no. talk2talk needs a tiny bit of data to establish a call, however the call itself does not require any data. The calls are carried by traditional phone lines via your GSM network so the quality of connection only depends on if you are within a coverage area of your mobile service provider.

Why Pay? Calls are free on many apps,why pay for calls on Talk2Talk?

Do you know any apps that gives you real phone calls (to a fixed or mobile) for free? (without having to earn free credit?) talk2talk would love to give you free calls where possible, and we do. But phone costs are decided by the taxes levied on operators in the country and telecom providers. This is a cost that we have to bear, but be rest assured we always negotiate the best rates for our users and with our incredible “Termin-RATER” system, the free credits you can earn in-app, no exchange rate shocks on your bills, pay by cash and loads of other features – talk2talk gives you the best value than anyone else out there.

Are charges low?

talk2talk systems analyzes rates from hundreds of carriers around the world to find the right balance between quality and rates, also talk2talk uses our incredible “Termin-RATER” system that passes any excess profits from other calls to auto reduce overall rates that benefits all users.

What are free credits?

Everyone loves free credits, and talk2talk gives you more so you keep coming back for even more. talk2talk gives you the widest possible choice of offers, including video ads, download offers, tasks and contests. Not just this, to reward you long term and tie you into the success of talk2talk long-term, we promise to give you a referral bonus to anyone you introduce to talk2talk and a very very BIG reward by giving you anywhere upto 15% on each of their top-ups/recharges forever and ever. So like a good fairytale everyone’s rewarded by talk2talk happily ever after 🙂

What are free calling countries?

talk2talk “Termin-RATER” system decides if a country can be included in free calls for any particular day. So calls on that day until further changes are completely free. So your credits will not be used for these calls, nor do you have to earn any credits. The calls will be completely free. (Please note- this is based on the system variables within talk2talk at any given moment – and we cannot guarantee availability to all)

Call verification. How do I verification my number on Talk2Talk?

talk2talk uses a verification call system. On the setup screen when you join talk2talk, just click on the button to place a verification call. This dials out a local number, but the call will not be answered – so you incur no call charges.

Are there any charges to verify my number?

No – The verification call is never answered by Lomo. So your provider cannot charge for this call.

Will call verification work if I hide my caller ID?

Unfortunately not in all countries. You would have to un-hide your number and then make a verification call to talk2talk.

Rates.Why are Talk2Talk rates changing from time to time? Are there any hidden charges?

With talk2talk you get transparent rates with absolutely no hidden charges. talk2talk has a simple, clear beilef in one simple forumla – “Be good, do good” We believe operating and staying true to this formula will not only help us win your support towards the long term but also contribute significantly towards our goal of being the most innovative and successful app in communications.

My calling card charges me maintenance , will Talk2Talk to charge this?

No – we believe in complete transparency, there are no maintenance fees. Uf other services charge you this then we suggest you ask them “Are your credits are stored at a parking lot somewhere?” 🙂

Are rates low?

Of course, thats the whole unique selling point (USP) and purpose of the talk2talk app – all without compromising quality. Can we guarantee to be the cheapest cheapest for a particular country – NO, we just cannot because we want to provide calls that is audible. Can we guaratntee that we are the cheapest with excellent call quality – YES we are.

Can Talk2Talk guarantee the cheapest rate?

Cheap calls with quality – YES we can, however there are a lot of dodgy providers who claim to give you call that are barely audible. talk2talk will never do this, we however always find a balance between quality and rate, so we do provide the cheapest calls with the highest quality.

Is there a quality check on all calls?

We provide a quality SLA of 99.999% that is three 9’s after 99. However even the best of carriers have problems with call quality during those times when there is either technical faults that affect entire infrastructure or events such as new years eve or festivals. We take quality issues very seriously and you can rate the quality of each call in-app so our systems can rate the quality of carriers and find the best quality connections always.

Talk2Talk credits. When will Talk2Talk credits expire?

They never expire. talk2talk credits are as good as buried gold, even if you don’t use it – it’s always there waiting… to give you value.

When will I get my free credit?

As soon as you download the app, When you invite friends to use talk2talk, When your friends recharge credits, When you complete any one of the offers available…and much more.

Are credits in another currency?

The credits are in your currency {GBP}.

Free credit forever!!

The credits are in your currency {GBP}.

Payments.Will Talk2Talk charges me exchange rates?

No – you pay for talk2talk credits in {GBP} You will incur no currency conversion fees as the amount and currency displayed on screen is what you will be charged on your statement.

DO i PAY in my (GBP)?

There is simply no exchange rates involved, you get charged what you pay for – in your currency.

Can i pay for someone else?

Yes – simply do this on the website by entering the number on the payment section.

What payment methods do you support?

We currently support Paypal , Alipay and Wechatpay. We also support local payment methods in selected countries.

I don't want to pay online, can I pay you cash?

This facility is only available in selective countries where the Talk2talk voucher is available.

Do you accept bank transfers or cheques?

Yes, just ask our friendly customer support team who can provide you these details.

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